PILOT Profile

PILOT Facilities and Location

PILOT controls 58 acres of land, 3,200 linear feet of water frontage, 700 linear feet of bulkhead and 2 concrete commercial docks. 

PILOT subleases facilities to the Subsea7 North American Spool base, consisting of a pipeline fabrication facilities, stalk rack and a new dock over 495 feet in length.

Why Port Isabel and Why PILOT?

Why Port Isabel?
  • The Port has a controlled water depth of 36 feet and a 1,000’ x 1,500’ turning basin to service vessels up to 700’ LOA. 
  • Immediately adjacent to the Gulf Intracoastal WaterWay (GIWW).
  • Port is only 3.5 miles from the South Padre jetties and the sea lanes in the Gulf of Mexico with no overhead obstructions.
  • ~6.0 hours by roadway from Houston, Texas (360 miles)
  • ~3 hours by road from Corpus Christi, Texas (170 miles)
  • Closest shore based point for services to the Western Gulf of Mexico
  • Strong base of skilled labor readily available.

  • Long term access to more than 3,000’ of water frontage and 700’ of concrete bulkhead. 
  • Options for additional land for client specific growth plans.
  • Marine fueling facility and truck rack.
  • Space for warehouse storage, pipe lay-down area, and further services expansion. 


Dock and bulkhead space
Loading and unloading of marine vessels
Marine fuel and lubricants
Water (potable and non-potable
Access to labor, crane & forklift
Other client-specific services